Ullmark, Jan & Cynthia


We are so fortunate that Jan and Cynthia call Canmore home. You may remember seeing Jan sitting alongside Jamie Sale and David Pelletier at the Salt Lake City Olympics.  Today, Cynthia has a hand in coaching all of our Canmore Test and Competitive skaters. She may be away for a week here and there as she takes on assignments to International Competitions where she acts as a team leader. Jan shares his expertise with our Test and Competitive skaters a couple days per week. Cynthia has coached skaters such as Susan Humphreys and Michelle Currie to Canadian Champions. Jan has coached world class male skaters such as Michael Slipchuk and Ben Ferreira.

Cynthia Ullmark

• Level 4 Certified
• 40 years experience coaching champions of all levels from beginners to Olympians
• $20.00 per 15 minutes.
• Phone: 403 678 1751
• Email: cynthiaullmark@gmail.com (cynthiaullmark null@null gmail NULL.com)

Jan Ullmark

• Level 3 Certified
• Coached National, World and Olympic Champions
• $20.00 per 15 minutes
• (Available Fridays & Sundays only)
• Phone: 403 678 1751
• Email: jullmark@shaw.ca (jullmark null@null shaw NULL.ca)

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